The best-selling supplements today

The best-selling supplements currently for athletes and those who need a vitamin or food supplement.

Food supplements

The most sold supplements today

In this article we are going to talk about a selection of the best-selling supplements in Currently, the online store specializes in sports supplements and dietetic foods that have undergone a detailed quality study.

Evowey Protein 2.0

Evowhey Protein 2.0 is a concentrated whey protein. A flavored powdered food preparation that contains more than 70% pure protein, very little fat and a low percentage of carbohydrates.

Keeping in mind that proteins are what keep the muscle mass , Evowhey Protein is recommended for the fat loss phase without losing muscle mass, for the increase of muscle mass (you have to exercise and maintain a healthy diet) and for the recovery of muscle mass after training .

The amount of protein to be consumed each day is a completely personalized aspect but, generally, it is usually between 1.7 - 2.5g of protein per body weight . . p>

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a dietary supplement that is part of the group of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, is a type of essential fatty acid, Omega-6, and in you can find it in the HSNessentials range.

It comes in the form of pearls and is composed of isomers such as cis-9, 11 or trans-10, cis- 12; having a composition of 1000 mg of CLA standardized for 80% conjugated linoleic acid.

The administration is simple and clear, since HSN claim that you can take a pearl with each main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and you can not beat this dose.

Organic peanut butter

On the line Bio of this store you can find a 100% organic peanut butter, which has been made from 100% organic roasted peanuts and has a crispy or soft texture.

This food stands out within the healthy diet for its great contribution of vegetable proteins (they are satiating), vitamins and minerals (large amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and copper) together with healthy unsaturated fats that contribute to the good practice of physical exercise and sports.

There is no A recommended dose of this product, you can simply use it in any recipe and consume it as you like.

Vitamin C

It's about of a food supplement that is part of the HSNessentials line and that you can find both vitamin C and ascorbic acid .Since it is a protein of vegetable origin, its consumption is perfect for vegetarians and vegans, as it helps them to have healthy and optimal protein levels in their diet.

It is a protein that does not contain cholesterol nor lactose , nor sugars nor aspartame nor acesulfame-K. It also does not contain any genetically modified organism and is considered an excellent alternative to obtain proteins without the consumption of animals.

If you want to maintain or increase muscle mass it is important to combine your consumption with a good diet and exercise.