CAS has moved!

One year ago, Cerebral Assessment Systems was a company with four full-time employees. Today, there are over a dozen and more are being hired all the time. So it is not surprising that this fast-moving company quickly outgrew its small office space, squeezing 3-4 people into each room and even turning the waiting room into an makeshift office.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Charles Duffy, never even considered moving the company out of Rochester, NY. Keeping the business local was a priority.

Our search for the perfect office was time-consuming and frustrating, and eventually we abandoned hope of finding a perfect space. Instead we directed our search towards a space that could become perfect. The building we chose was unobtrusive. You might even drive by it without a second glance, if not for the strange statue of a kangaroo next to the road who, inexplicably, is wearing a wig and holding a hair dryer. No information about the mysterious marsupial has been found, so if anyone knows the history behind it please let us know!


We assume is it a remnant from the Animals on Parade art installation, but some of us are dying to know why it’s there. It IS a Pokestop, also!

Little by little, the building was modified to meet our expectations. Walls were removed, added, painted, and in a few cases, repainted. Movers came a week ago and filled the large space with furniture, the cubicles went up, and after a few days of settling in, the employees of CAS got back to work.



After all, the company won’t run itself! But with room to spread out and collaborate, we expect things to pick up speed yet again.


And now that we have a sign, it should be much easier for customers and patients to find us…without using the kangaroo as a landmark.

Cerebral Assessment Systems is now located at:

2085 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road

Rochester, NY 14623

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