CAS teams with two large Medical Distributors

Cerebral Assessment Systems is proud to announce their partnership with two of the largest medical distributors in the world. These deals have been in the process for months, starting after CAS received FDA approval for their computerized cognitive testing device, Cognivue, last June. Both companies are on the Fortune 500 list and are in the… Read More

CAS has moved!

One year ago, Cerebral Assessment Systems was a company with four full-time employees. Today, there are over a dozen and more are being hired all the time. So it is not surprising that this fast-moving company quickly outgrew its small office space, squeezing 3-4 people into each room and even turning the waiting room into an makeshift office. Founder and… Read More

Is Cognivue just another computerized cognitive test?

The old Paper-and-pencil cognitive assessment tests have been around for decades. Their structure relies on a simple, question-and-answer format, similar to an educational test. These tests can be used to measure generalized cognition in as little as ten minutes (SLUMS, MMSE, MOCA, etc), or may take several hours and include multiple domain-specific tests (Wisconson card sorting… Read More

U of R study visualizing language word signatures within the brain

Imagine learning a new language, word by word, and then creating sentences using the words you’ve learned. Now imagine doing this with functional magnetic resonance imaging. Scientists at the University of Rochester have introduced an approach that focuses on the signature of single words within a sentence. Andrew Anderson, a research fellow, says: “Using fMRI data, we… Read More

Why is it so hard to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease?

According to a recent piece in the International Business Times, the cure for Alzheimer’s disease is a lot further away than articles and scientific papers would have you believe. Research into this devastating disease is ongoing, but there have been more failures than successes in the drug-trial process. The most recent approval of a molecule against Alzheimer’s (memantine)… Read More

Cerebral Assessment Systems Announces US Launch of the World’s 1st FDA Cleared Automated Cognition Assessment Solution

It’s been over a year since Cerebral Assessment Systems (CAS) received FDA-approval for their computerized cognitive testing solution, Cognivue. Recently, CAS has announced the US commercial launch of Cognivue and a partnership with National MedSales Associates, a company that organizes independent sales teams, to distribute the device nationally. Ben Winton, the VP and Managing Partner… Read More

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