Psychological pregnancy: what it is, causes and treatment

The psychological pregnancy , which is also known like pseudociesis or Rapunzel syndrome, it is a very common problem in these times. In most cases it is the obsession of a woman to become a mother , what many people do not know is that this condition escapes the limits of being a mental disorder strong> and manifests with various worrisome symptoms in the patient's organism.

The psychological pregnancy in society

Although it is a psychological disease that has quite a reputation, the truth is that is not a frequent disease in the women . In most cases, pseudocytosis usually affects women between 20 and 40 years old and who are married or in a stable relationship.

Causes of psychological pregnancy

The causes for which a woman can end up suffering psychological pregnancy are the following:

  • Depression.
  • Loneliness.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Pressure on the part of the couple or the family to have a child.
  • Complicated personality that does not accept criticism.
  • Approximation of menopause.

Symptoms of psychological pregnancy

At the beginning, the psychological pregnancy is difficult to detect since the female body changes in such a way that it seems to have a normal pregnancy .

  • The mammary glands begin to grow and produce milk.
  • The menstrual cycle varies and changes.
  • Weight gain and increased abdominal area.
  • nausea appears early in the day.

Diagnosis and treatment of psychological pregnancy

The pathology is extremely dangerous because of the mental strength of women, which makes it difficult to control the problem. That's why the treatment is psychological and not medicinal . Although it usually disappears in the weeks, there have been cases that can reach months or even years. The only difference between a psychological pregnancy and a real pregnancy, is that there is no fetus.