The 10-Minute Cognivue® Test

Cognivue is the 21st-century solution for automated and routine measurement and monitoring of brain health. It is used as a screening test for Alzheimer’s and dementia and can be administered in the comfort of your physician’s office.


How Prevalent is Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Forms of Dementia
in the United States?

The percentage of the U.S. population with Alzheimer’s Disease is growing rapidly:


For more information on the extent of dementia, please review Cerebral Assessment Systems’ White Paper, CAS- Our Aging Population

What habits and lifestyles are associated with cognitive impairment?

  • Sleep (sleep schedule and sleep apnea)
  • Obesity (sedentariness and body fat)
  • Stress (situational stress and anxiety disorders)
  • Substance Abuse (such as alcohol, marijuana, and withdrawal)

What are the advantages of Alzheimer’s and dementia screening tests related to the early detection of cognitive impairment?

Screening test results can support specific therapies for treatable causes of cognitive impairment; can help patients, families and caregivers prepare and align resources; and can help reduce overall healthcare costs.