Cognivue Technology: Bringing Cognitive Care to Primary Care™

Cognivue, a cognitive assessment system, is the first-of-its-kind, computer-based platform designed expressly for primary-care physicians to measure and monitor brain health to detect the early signs of dementia.

A breakthrough in managing the global epidemic of late-life cognitive decline (LLCD).

In response to the growing global epidemic of LLCD, Cognivue is designed specifically for use in primary care: the lowest possible cost and most widely accessible patient-care setting available.

Cognivue: Simple by Design. Elegant in Execution.

  • Based on 20 years of neurophysiology and psychophysical research
  • Self-contained mobile workstation
  • 10-minute, 10-test battery using cognitive impairment assessment tools
  • Patient-administered operation
  • Single-page, easy-to-interpret test report
  • Generates a single quantitative score of brain health
  • Reimbursable cost
  • Exclusive CogniWheel™ patient interface
  • Private and confidential testing
  • Local and cloud-based patient test-result storage

The Cognivue Self-Contained Mobile Workstation

Cognivue’s self-contained workstation design allows the cognitive impairment assessment to be used in any clinical work area; it can be easily moved and can be operated by any member of your clinical staff.

Exclusive CogniWheel™ Patient Interface

The CogniWheel interface is specially designed to allow any patient, who is prescribed Cognivue testing, to confidently complete the cognitive impairment assessment.

  • No patient computer knowledge is required
  • Simple for the operator to explain, and for the patient to use
  • Fixed to the tabletop
  • 360-degree rotary control limits degrees of freedom
  • Bi-directional control for quick response to video queries

The One-Page Cognivue Test Report

Cognivue immediately creates an easy-to-interpret, single-page report combining cognitive impairment assessment scores and graphs to aid interpretation and discussion between physician, patient, and family.