Bach flowers for anxiety

Anxiety is something that affects a lot of people and is something that has its negative effects on health. Not only do we feel tired and depressed, but we are unable, in the vast majority of cases, to lead a stable, comfortable and pleasant life. Luckily, we have a series of natural remedies that will help them combat anxiety so that we can enjoy life more and, one of these natural remedies, are the Bach Flowers. There are different Bach flowers for anxiety and we will show you some of the best.

Bach flowers for anxiety | How it works

People who feel anxiety can feel like they are missing something in life, that they need to take off a weight every day to continue with their routines and this is something that can be of the most complicated.

As we have said, there are different Bach Flowers that can be used as a remedy for anxiety and we are going to talk about them so that you know them, but remember that before you start taking any medication, even if it is natural, you should look help and advice from the doctors or, in this case, from the therapists.

Bach flowers for anxiety | The first time

Surely you are totally determined to take Bach Flowers to calm anxiety, but if it is the first time you take Bach Flowers recommendation is that you are sensitizing your body to them, so that their effects begin to be felt as soon as possible. The sensitization will be carried out in the following way:

First Day

For the first day we will take 4 drops of Bach Flower every 10 minutes for 1 hour, after this time, we will begin to space the shots. In the second hour we will take 4 drops but this time every 20 minutes for 1 hour.

After the second hour we will take 4 drops every hour , These 4 drops will be taken every hour during the rest of the day. What we get is to sensitize our body so that the effectiveness is full.

Second Day

Simple, we keep taking 4 drops of Bach Flower every hour all day.

Third Day and remains of days

We have already adapted so our dose will be 4 drops four times a day.

In this way we will have adapted to the Bach Flowers and therefore your action will be more effective . Anxiety for a trip, for riding a plane, for having to speak in public.

When this situation arises we can increase the frequency of the shots . The best thing in these cases is to reduce the intervals of shots in the following way, two hours before of our trip or our event, we will take 4 drops of Bach Flowers each 10 minutes.

Bach Flowers will also serve to relax before an operation getting extra relaxation, to face those previous moments.

Bach flowers for anxiety | What are

The essences of Bach Flowers are considered the first aid kit for emotions, since their 38 different flowers help us to overcome those processes that we they prevent a normal life The Bach Flowers do not act on the fat of an obese person, but on the chemical imbalances that lead to anxiety that in turn causes us to want to eat more.

It is important to know that Bach Flowers have no contraindications or side effects or adverse effects , it is that's why it can be taken even before an operation, delivery, etc. That is why it can be used for pregnant women, elderly people, children and even pets.

Bach flowers for anxiety: Agrimony

Known as the truth serum is capable of ripping things you would never count, but it is also an anxiolytic. Recommended for the treatment of fears such as the fear of being alone or even treatments for anxiety in alcoholic detoxification.

But we also have to talk about the anxiety that forces us to eat at all hours. Agrimony helps people who have taken weight because of anxiety, being from among all the flowers of Bach, the most effective for these cases.

Bach flowers for anxiety: Aspen

Aspen is one of the Bach Flowers that we can take to combat anxiety. This is the most used remedy for anxiety and it is effective for both fears and fears whatever their natures are.

Bach flowers for anxiety: Chicory

This is the remedy we should look for if our anxiety comes from trying to protect others. The case of the parents may be one of the best known, but there are many other people who feel this way.

Bach flowers for anxiety: Centaury

The Centaury is the right remedy for all those people who suffer from anxiety to try to please others.In the society in which we live, low self-esteem is something very common and this affects not only the personal aspect of the person, but affects all spheres of his life. It is also the perfect remedy for all those who have a great fear of failure and who miss unique occasions in life for it.

Flowers of Bach for anxiety: Red Chestnut

This is the remedy you should use those people who generate anxiety by trying to have all those who are safe and protected nearby.

Bach flowers for anxiety: Sweet Chestnut

This is the remedy to be tried by all those people who sit at the limit or even that they have very negative thoughts. Before doing anything that we can regret, when we see that our anxiety may be more than us and we already feel to the limit, this remedy will help us.

Bach Flowers for anxiety: White Chestnut

Finally, we have the White Chestnut, a remedy that has been specially thought for all those people who not only suffer from anxiety, but the thoughts are repetitive up to the extremes and, therefore, they generate anxiety about what they already have.

We hope that these remedies help you overcome this disorder that more and more people suffer from. You just have to look for the origin and start a treatment with the appropriate Bach Flowers prescribed by your therapist.

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