About Cerebral Assessment Systems


The world’s first FDA-cleared, computer-based solution for primary care physicians to routinely measure and monitor your brain health and detect early signs of impairment.

A breakthrough in stemming the global epidemic of late-life cognitive decline.
A quantum leap over decades-old question and answer testing, enabling a rapid and objective solution to inexpensively measure and monitor brain health and detect the early signs of dementia.

Cognivue, the 1st FDA-cleared Automated Early-Dementia Test
Learn about Cognivue from inventor Dr. Charles Duffy, the Founder and CEO of Cerebral Assessment Systems

Keeping tabs on your brain health with Cognivue
Your doctor routinely monitors your ECG and blood pressure. Introducing the 5th vital sign, brain health.

Cognivue, the 10-minute brain health test in your doctor’s office
A 10-minute, patient-administered automated test that requires no computer knowledge, and provides test results before you leave the office.

Recent Growth
Cognivue is currently available throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Tennessee. Our installs are predominantly in the primary care setting, research facilities, and IDN’s. Our customers range from sole independent practitioners to institutions such as the Pat Summitt Clinic at the University of Tennessee and the University of Rochester Medical Center.

One page Test Results
Cognivue immediately creates an easy-to-interpret, single-page report combining cognitive impairment assessment scores and graphs to aid interpretation and discussion between physician, patient, and family.

Learn more about Cognivue, the first FDA-approved device for cognitive testing

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